Localization for GitHub projects

A robust GitHub application focused on localization automation

App screenshot


Let's take a look at Agatanga's superpowers

One-click installation

Install verified GitHub application into your repository and Agatanga will find all translatable strings in a moment.
No configuration required!

Sync with source code

On each commit Agatanga will check if some strings where removed, or new strings were added and will update translation files accordingly.

Involve your community

No matter if your project is private or public, you can create your localization team, or let anyone to translate the project.

Granular control

Manual control over the strings allows you to choose whether the string should be translated or ignored.

Automated pull requests

Agatanga will send regular pull requests with updated translations back to your respository.
One click to merge the changes!


Agatanga is currently in beta stage and available by invite codes only



  • 5 private or public projects
  • Process actions on demand
  • 10MB per repository size
  • 700 translatable strings
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